Should you replace your backpack with a Gucci Messenger Bag?

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For men, success at work comes with baggage. Men often need help in this area, so let’s see what we can do.

Here are a few scenarios that might apply to you.

Scenario 1:

You have the job of your dreams and you are starting to earn good money. How are you going to maintain, if not improve it further?

Scenario 2:

You finally got the promotion you deserve since you worked so hard at it. It’s time to celebrate and live up to new standard of living.

Scenario 3:

You can’t get the job you want and you need something to boost your confidence and attract the success you aspire to: it’s time to behave like a winner, so you get to your victory quickly.

Now what will you do about it!

Are you still wearing the same clothes? It is never too late to start to look and feel as successful as you are! You need to be respected by your peers if you want to fit in with your achievements. You might also not be confident yet and would like to be more charismatic...

You really need to change your wardrobe and buy designer working clothes that look the part. It doesn’t have to be flashy or highly fashionable: it just has to be expensive and stylish. You will get used to it and will eventually wonder what the hell you used to wear before!

I understand you don’t want to look too trendy, you want to stay sincere and continue to be taken seriously by other but you can’t wear nice outfits with shabby accessories like an old backpack carrying your laptop.

You definitely need to change to a more relevant look: a designer messenger bag will do the trick and will fit you perfectly. The beauty with a messenger bag is that it is very adaptable and very practical. Leather messenger bags are perfect for work, because the quality of the material will protect your files, laptop and other electronics. Leather represents enough gravity and importance and is widely used amongst city executive. Leather is a great choice of messenger bags for men for that particular reason.

If you only going to buy one bag only, make sure that you consider a quality designer brand. Gucci is the best loved Italian fashion house in terms of luxury leather goods, so you should look at a Gucci Messenger Bag.

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Should you replace your backpack with a Gucci Messenger Bag?

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Should you replace your backpack with a Gucci Messenger Bag?

This article was published on 2011/09/14